Welcome info. for new residents

Welcome to Meadowbrook!

The Meadowbrook Community Association was formed on September 14, 1975, to promote a sense of community among its members, to deal with common concerns, and to provide for the upkeep and beautification of the entrance and park lands.

As a homeowner in the Meadowbrook subdivision, you are eligible for membership in the Meadowbrook Community Association and you are encouraged to lend your support so that Meadowbrook continues to be a community in which we can all take pride. An annual meeting of the Association is held in January of each year. Only paid members are eligible to vote on issues, which affect Meadowbrook.

The Board of Directors of the Association is made up of officers and area representatives. Your representative is your liaison with the Board and will call on you soon after your arrival. Dues of $40.00 are assessed yearly and are used for the upkeep of the entrance and park lands (primarily mowing) and for committee work and activities. The Association is a legal entity. As of August 22, 1985, the Meadowbrook Community Association members own the public land in Meadowbrook (which consists of the entrance, ball field, land near the lagoons and the land along the river).

There are four Association Committees. These committees are made up of officers and Association members. If you have an interest in any area, please make it known to your area representative:
Community Service: Concerned with overall problems such as beautification and maintenance of the area, traffic control, and animal advisory.

2. Public Relations: Concerned with disseminating information about Meadowbrook to the Meadowbrook Community Association area representatives for distribution to their Area residents and to the area business community.

3. Recreation: Concerned with recreational projects and activities, such as the annual Fall Picnic.

4. Sewer: Concerned with the overall operation of the Sanitary Sewage Disposal Plant and maintenance of the lagoons.

Several accomplishments of the Association include the following:

  • We were supportive in organizing the volunteer Firemen's Association and in their efforts to raise money for the fire district.
  • We were supportive of the fire district trustees in their legal difficulties.
  • Our Community Service Committee was instrumental in setting the Speed Limit at 25 MPH. We hope your family and friends will observe this limit.
  • We formed a legal association to strengthen our position in matters that give us legal powers such as the purchase of land.
  • We were active in the reelection of the Fire District Trustees and the solidification of the Fire district.

Waller Brothers Construction Company developed Meadowbrook subdivision in the spring of 1968. Waller Brothers also developed the Georgetown subdivision. Our subdivision is less than a mile outside of the city limits of Macomb, Illinois, in Emmett Township, McDonough County.

The lagoons on the northwest bend of Meadow Drive were installed and operated by the Atlas Service Company to handle all of Meadowbrook sewage. On August 22, 1985, the Meadowbrook Community Association became the owners and operators of the sewer treatment facility and equipment, which are run by a subcommittee of the Board of the Meadowbrook Community Association. There will be a bi-annual billing for services as well as the distribution of information about where to call for any service problems. Until August 22, 1985, Atlas Service Company basically operated as a subsidiary of Waller Brothers Corporation.

Garbage pick-up is each Tuesday morning. There is a monthly fee with bills submitted on a quarterly basis. You must call for service when you move in. Be discriminating about putting garbage out. Use cans with tight lids, as dogs will tear up plastic bags. Recyclables are also collected on Tuesdays. Please place your recyclables in clear plastic bags. [SEE BULLETIN BOARD PAGE ON WEBSITE FOR DETAILED RECYCLE INFO.]Brush (no grass) may be taken to the park land area near the river.
Authorized MCA representatives must do burning.[SEE BULLETIN BOARD PAGE ON WEBSITE FOR DETAILED BURN INFO.]

You may register to vote at the County Courthouse on the Square in Macomb; the polls are in Emmett Chalmers Firehouse located on West Adams Road.  (Your area representative can give you directions).

Elementary school children attend the following attendance centers: Pre-school - MacArthur School; Kindergarten through Third Grades - Lincoln School; Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grades -Edison. St. Paul's Catholic School includes grades K - 6. Macomb Junior/Senior High School, located on South Johnson Road. School buses have regular pick-up points in Meadowbrook and are available for all grades. You may call the school bus supervisor (836-6806) for information concerning buses and pick-up points.

There is a regulation ballpark in the northwest corner of the sub-division as well as a basketball court. Park areas are at the entrance of Meadowbrook and also along the river.

The Emmett Chalmers Fire Protection District provides our area with fire protection. The firehouse is located on West Adams Road just beyond the entrance to Georgetown. The emergency number is
911. Calls to any other number will delay getting service. The fire fighters are well-trained volunteers, and they are your neighbors and friends. They warrant your support and cooperation in all their efforts.  





Meadowbrook is serviced by:

  • Verizon - 800-483-4600
  • Macomb City Waterworks - 833-2031
  • Meadowbrook Community Association Sewer Division - 833-2667



There are two daily newspapers delivered in our area. 

The McDonough County Voice is an afternoon paper (833-2114).

The Peoria Journal Star is delivered in the morning (800-322-0804)


  2. The following college and university are located in our area:
    Western Illinois University
    1 University Circle
    Macomb, IL 61455

    Spoon River College
    208 S. Johnson
    Macomb, IL 61455

    Macomb City Public Library is located on 235 S. Lafayette St.. A library card is $60.00 per year and may be used by the entire family. Use of Western Illinois University's library is free and open to McDonough County residents. You must provide your Social Security number, name, and address to check out materials.

  3. Emergency Numbers:
    Emmett-Chalmers Fire Department - 911
    McDonough County Sheriff's Department - 911
    McDonough District Hospital -
    Emergency Trauma Center - same as above
    Ambulance Service - same as above
    Poison Center - same as above
    State Police -

    Again, welcome to Meadowbrook!  We are glad you have chosen Meadowbrook for your home.