Welcome to the Meadowbrook Community Association of Macomb, Illinois

Please note:
We have positions open on the board if anyone is wanting to get involved.  If anyone wants to get involved as secretary we are accepting nominations!!  

Save the date for the annual meeting!

January 11th, 2015
Held at Emmet Chalmer’s Fire Station 
7:00 PM

The Meadowbrook Community Association is made up of the residents of Meadowbrook,

a beautiful residential neighborhood in the wonderful small town of Macomb, located in McDonough County, Illinois.   


At this time there are approximately 100 homes in Meadowbrook.  We think it's the best neighborhood around!

The association shares information about association business through this website as well as an email distribution list, printed meeting minutes and flyers for special events.

The association has officers that oversee the business of the association as well as representatives that represent areas within the Meadowbrook neighborhood.  Every adult Meadowbrook resident is eligible for an officer position or to become a representative. 



Every resident has the opportunity to speak with their representative to obtain information or discuss neighborhood concerns.  Every resident has the opportunity to attend the association meetings where all the officers and representatives meet to discuss association business. 


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